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Women in Leadership Conference Annual Event


We participated in both the 2016 and 2017 Women in Leadership Conference. Elaine inspired the ladies around “Igniting their Light” Leadership is a Choice to make the world better place!!!



Dear Elaine

Thank you for the workshop held with our senior leadership team on “Leadership is Influence” This has been a challenging and insightful session. Please can you let us know what are next steps for the teams leadership growth. Thanks again.

Vincent van Deventer 20/04/2016

Chief of Staff



Hey Hey Elaine we were talking about you about 10 minutes ago!! And everyone find that your personality is very catchy!  I also want to put you in touch with a few of my friends that you can also go and do a few Coaching Sessions with them.  Also there are plenty of these guys that were asking me today when we would have the session here and they would like to join. Maybe we can make it for a little longer if that is ok with you… but I will communicate and let you know which dates would be ok for us. Thank you again for the session

Nirupa Chavoos 13/05/2014

Untitled design-23

United Nations

On behalf of the FAO Misty Hills team I wish to sincerely thank you and your team for the excellent and passionate presentation on leadership that you made during the retreat. It has had such a positive impact on the staff members and has contributed significantly to the achievement of our goals. Please continue with the hard work of transforming lives through leadership training.

Dr Tobias Takavarasha, FAO Representative 18/08/2014



Food Science and Technology Company

Thank you so much , Elaine. I joined you guys and the Unstoppable program -literally 2 weeks after I resigned from my day job. and you and the team were my support system in those early days when I was still not sure that I chose th right path. And then I watch myself these days and say WOW!! Is that me embracing Entrepreneurship and I realize how far I have come. The Leadership Academy will always have special place in my heart. Thank you for that,  Elaine.

Reshmee Beedasie.