LEADERSHIP UNCUT SERIES: Becoming a Person of Influence

We are continuing our series on Becoming a Person of Influence and I hope you have enjoyed last weeks lesson on the 5 Levels of Leadership. I gave a very cool diagramme of what Dr John C Maxwell cites as the levels of Leadership and we now know that Leadership is Influence, Nothing more and Nothing Less. Influence grows by stages as well, it DOES NOT come to us instantaneously. Instead, it grows by stages. Visually it looks something like this:

Modelling:  People are first influenced by what they see. You know this is true especially when it come to children, No matter what you TELL your children to do, their natural inclination is to follow what they SEE YOU DOING. For most people, if they perceive that you are positive and trustworthy and have admirable qualities, they will seek you as an influencer in their lives. And the better they get to know you, the greater your credibiity will be and the higher your influence can become -if they like what they see.

Motivating:Modelling can be a powerful influence-either positive or negatively. And its something that can be done even from a distance. But if you want to make a really significant impact on the lives of other people, you have to do it up close. And that brings you to the second level of Influence: motivating. You become a motivational influencer when you encourage people and communicate with them on an emotional level. The process does 2 things: (1) It creates a bridge between you and them, and (2) it builds up their confidence and sense of self worth. When people feel good about you and themselves during the times they are with you, then your level of influence increases significantly.

Mentoring: When you reach the motivational level of influence with others, you can start to see a positive impact on their lives. To increase that impact and make it long lasting, you have to move up to the next level of influence, which is mentoring. Mentoring is pouring your life into other people and helping them reach their potential. The Power of mentoring is so strong that you can actually see the lives of the persons you are influencing change before your eyes. As you give yourself to helping them overcome obstacles in their lives and by showing them how to grow personally and professionally, you help them acheive a whole new level of living. You can truely make a difference in their lives. 

Multiplying: The Highest level of influence you can have in others lives is the multiplication level. As a multipliying influencer, you help people you're influencing to become positive influencers in the lives of others and pass on not only what they have received from you, but also what they have learned and gleaned on their own. Few people ever make it to the fourth  level of influence, but everyone has the potential to do so. It takes unselfishness, generosity and committment. It also takes time. In order to move up a level of Influence, you have to give them individual attention. You can become a model to the masses, but to go to the higher levels of influence, you have to work with individuals. 

"The only inheritance that a man with leave that has eternal value is his influence"


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