Leadership Is Influence ....Nothing More.....Nothing Less.....

Everyone is an Influencer of other people. The question is are infuencing or being influenced. Most times we think that because we have a position or a title that people automatically acknowledge our leadership or your influence. What i have found from my many years in the business and corporate world- people follow you because of your influence and not  your title. How you build relationships with people causes your leadership to grow and this takes time. If you desire to make a positive impact on your world, you need to become a person of influence. Without Influence there is no success. 

"If your life in any way connects with another person, you are an influencer......"

Your Influence is not equal with all people.

Influence is a curious thing. Even though we have an impact on nearly everyone around us, our level of influence is not the same wth everyone. To see this principle in action, try ordering your best friends dog around, next time you visit... :)

Questions to ponder over:

Do you know whether you have influence with others in areas that really matters- meaning does your influence work for your or against you.

Do you understand Rapport and how to build rapport with people.

Many times in business, because we so not build rapport effectively with people, we are not able to get the deal, make the sale or create a meaningful impact. Request the presentation on influence (one of our core pieces of work)