Unstoppable Business A Systemised Approach to Launch Your DREAM

“Expect the Unexpected. And , whenever possible, Be the unexpected”

–Lynda Barry


Life as you know it has changed drastically. You will need to come to terms with this. The sooner the better.  The Future of Work has been on our doorsteps for a while now but many have only woken up to it now during the Corona Crisis. As the Academy we have worked with Organisations Internationally and locally to prepare both Individuals and Organisations for the “Future of WORK.” The workplace has become a tumultuous place because of the tremendous diversity that exists and as leaders this provides us with our greatest advantage to tap into a collective intelligence.

This Calls for a Reinvention of Self and Reinvention of Organisation.

There are  16 capabilities that you can learn to develop your bounce-ability,your resilience and your resoluteness in the age disruption. Learn them here.

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Your ability to survive massive disruption will table the stakes. Your ability and speed at which you learn unlearn and relearn will provide your greatest asset.

Living in the age of Uber

We live in a time when, we can call a chauffered driven ride within 5 minutes max. There are more Uber Drivers in the world and the interesting thing in New City – there are more Uber Drivers than the Yellow Taxi cabs. Being a frequent traveller to New York City – the streets are always lined with Yellow Taxis – and I am sure you have seen these from the movies.

The New City Cab Drivers are seeing a decline in their business and that is due to the disruption of Uber. But actually worldwide we are seeing disruption in every sector. Thanks to Airbnb – you can find affordable accommodation anywhere in the world – that is not only comfortable, but its almost like you have friend in t a great, big unknown city.

I myself have been an Airbnb Host in South Africa for more than 2 years and its has been a wonderful source of income but also making friends with people from many different places -showing globalisation at it its best.

Based upon years of study and experience on the subject of individual and organisational high performance, we suggest that the ability to reinvent yourself and reinvent your organisation will be one of the most important competencies to masters in the 21st century. In fact, having the ability to reinvent may simply become the price of admission to play in todays global game of business.

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