An Organisation desperately Hungry to Change the World. 

We believe that Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership and when we talk about Leadership we are not talking about Titles or Positions- we are talking about Character, Care, Trust, and Purpose!!! Somehow these words never get paired with Organisation. 

And We are the "CRAZY Ones" who believe that it is possible for Organizations to Create a Leadership Environment so that the greatness within each individual is Unlocked, Activated and Maximized......Yes, we know, we are Crazy.....but we have been told that.... "those crazy enough to believe they can change the world are the ones who usually do" ....and we believe this....                        

Globally we are finding that the need for leadership in the corporate and business world has become paramount, with more and more businesses and corporates functioning in volatileuncertaincomplex and ambiguous landscapes. Having teams that know and value leadership development has become the strategic edge that has set leading organizations apart.

The Leadership Academy SA is an International Organization that Partners with Individuals and Organizations to Activate & Maximise their Leadership and Entrepreneurial Greatness that ensures Personal and Business Growth and Development. The question we love is "How do you grow and Organization? You grow the organization by GROWING THE PEOPLE!!

Most organizations understand that one of the critical capitals of the organization is the People or Human Capital, however, most organizations do not have clue how to engage and unlock the potential that lies dormant within the workplace. Statistics show that most employees are disengaged, demotivated, and unproductive at the workplace. Organisational cultures are unhealthy and this further exacerbates the disengagement levels leading to high turnover of staff and low morale.

As the Leadership Academy SA, we believe there is a different way and we have helped create "The Organization of the Future" within many organizations. We have worked to re-create organizational culture that unlocks the greatness that exists within each and every individual of the organization and we call these change agents or "Vectors" or "the Leader of the future". 

"Leaders of the Future" have a certain mindset which we call the Leadership Mindset and this has contributed to them embracing and leading change, and becoming the drivers of innovative and creative thinking - which is a necessity in today's business landscape!!!



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